There is a path to the freedom, meaning and money you’re seeking. And it doesn’t require compromising your health.

You’ve got some pretty magical things to share with the world. And you’ve decided that having your own business is the best way to make this happen.

You’re not new to this business dream…it’s been tugging at your attention for a while, for so long that you’ve now put in enough hours of study into internet-business-stalker-school to earn you an equivalent undergrad degree (majoring in free content).

Now it’s time to make things happen.

But you find yourself feeling hopeless when your brain fog settles in again, and frustrated that your health issues won’t get out of the damn way so you can just make some real progress toward your goals.

You’re struggling to figure out how to give your business the energy it needs to launch and flourish (in a way that you can maintain), while avoiding the burn out at the bottom of those oh-so-joyous downward spirals.

And you keep coming back to the dream of having a business that feels like you, makes good bank and has the flexibility and robust-osity to keep on keepin’ on during those inevitable flares or bumpy patches.

Basically, you need to know how to make your business and chronic illness go together like an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical and an award-winning tune.

1:1 Coaching Package

Your chronic illness and creative pursuits don’t fit the traditional model of working and living. So why should you have to?

Forging your own path is an integral part of building a business and life that fits you. But more often than not we just don’t have the energy or time to be battling health challenges and figuring out the way around the next obstacle that’s reared its head. You need someone to help you uncover what really works for you, to take high-impact action so you can build a business and life that thrives long-term.

During our coaching package, I work with you to get clear on your roadblocks, then develop the internal and external strategies to move past them so you can build a thriving business and life within your own (healthy & intentional) boundaries.

This package is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Transform your outlook on your business, health, and life.
  • Quit pushing harder and harder, applying the same rules that work for everyone else (‘work a few late nights, just give up some TV time, don’t stop till it’s done..’) only to end up wondering why this shit still isn’t working.
  • Ditch productivity rules that don’t make sense for your life and get clear on what really works *for you*
  • Set (and stay accountable to) your personal goals
  • Develop a bullshit-free self-care routine that integrates with your life and business (NEWSFLASH: if you need to sleep until noon everyday— because you have to or you want to—you can still be successful).
  • Create feel-good work habits that keep you and your business going strong
  • Integrate your many creative pursuits into the perfect-for-you life and business attack plan.

The thing about transformations? They require change—in your perspectives, beliefs, and behaviors.

Knowing that real change doesn’t happen overnight, I provide a twelve-session coaching package that allows us to dive deep and uncover the internal and external strategies to make real progress in a way that actually works for you.

Why work with me?

I launched my coaching business while working in a demanding role as a college instructor in interpersonal communication and public speaking. I know first hand how real the struggle is when it comes to starting an online business or side-hustle on top of managing chronic illness.

By working within my limitations instead of just continuing to run full pace toward solid brick walls, I was able to balance my business and creative dreams with paid work, and build a sustainable coaching business.

Our package includes:

  • 12 biweekly 60 minute coaching sessions (via Zoom).
  • Unlimited support (via the Voxer app!) between sessions to share wins and ask questions to fortify your progress


You work with chronically ill people…do I count?

I don’t put you through some kind of special test to see if you’re ‘sick enough’ (I’m not that kind of weirdo!). If you struggle with health limitations that are a wee bit more complex than your common cold, then yeah, all of this is talking directly to you! Book a call to see if we’re a fit.

Do you only work with people who have businesses?

I have boatloads  of interest and experience in the business coaching arena, but my coaching spans across this whole wonderous thing called life. If you have no interest in creating your own business (or you just aren’t there yet), I’d still love to help you with your personal goals. Talk with me to see how I can help.

I’m reluctant to spend a ton of time talking about my illnesses. Is this a big part of working with you?

Some of my clients don’t directly talk about their illness each session—it’s something that’s addressed and understood at the start of our work together, and comes up whenever it’s relevant. As long as your resistance isn’t full-on denial (which it obviously isn’t, since you’ve made it this far down the page!) then I’m very probably pretty likely the perfect coach for you. Talk with me to feel it out.

Are you a health coach?

No. I’m not here to help you fix or change your chronic illness. I’m in the business of helping you fit your chronic illness into your life. (Also, apple cider vinegar will not cure all autoimmune disease—it needs to be said 🤷🏻.)

How flexible are our session times? If I don’t feel well, do I lose that session?

I utilize a standard 24-hour cancellation window but allow for a few “sick days” for both you and I, where either of us can cancel the day of our call because of #alltheflares. That’s the beauty of working with a coach who deals with chronic illness, just like you.