The gifts of exhaustion

I’ve been going through something lately – and maybe you can relate. 💜

I have been REALLY exhausted for about the past month or so. And I’m coming to the realization that part of this is because of a giant transition I’m making. A huge seismic shift in growth. 

Which is what we’re all asking for, right? We all want to #levelup in our lives and get to that next thing, but often forget that that means doing the hard work that up until this point we’ve been avoiding, or not quite ready to dive into, or addressing the pieces of us that are extra sensitive, extra steeped in ego, or feel the scariest to face head on. 

A lot of my “stuff that needs addressing to #levelup involves this realization that for a large part of my life, I’ve been performing – putting on a show – in so many ways. I learned to do this to protect myself and to get the love and attention I was seeking as a child, but I’ve become extra aware that this is at the core of a lot of the problems I am currently experiencing. In all areas of my life, including, but not limited to this business, I’m challenging myself to show up Authentically (capital “A” intended). 

Do you ever see this playing out in your own life? Do people always expect you to be the funny, outgoing, entertaining friend? The extra supportive friend? The friend who makes jokes about herself to make you feel more comfortable? I bet you’re more than just that. I’m finally learning that I am. 

I know that this world – especially the online space – is STARVING for realness, and part of my growth can be about delivering that authenticity to all of you in real time. I want to take you along with me on the lessons that I’m learning as they happen and let you get the full view of who I am. 

The truth is we’re not serving anybody when we show up as just a part of ourselves. Not in our relationships, our families, our friend groups, our businesses, and especially not our creative endeavors. I’d rather not have a coach, or a friend, or a partner, or a family member that’s selling some watered down bullshit version of themselves…how about you? 

When we segment ourselves, everybody loses. 

Here’s to realness! And all of the messy gifts it bears.

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