Get back on the bandwagon!

I often tell my clients that if they get behind on something, or fall off a bandwagon, that the most important thing is to keep going as soon as possible. So often we get trapped in beating ourselves up about falling off said bandwagon. The only real purpose that serves is to keep us off the bandwagon for longer. So, in writing this today, I’m following my own advice.

I had big plans for this blog initially and for #allthereasons am only getting to it now – and that’s okay! If it’s okay for me, it’s okay for you too. The important thing is always to keep going. 

Is there any good intention that you’ve let slip recently? Can you drop the struggle and self-blame around it, and instead use that energy to get started again? Comment and let me know because I’d love to hear more. 💖

Another thing that can keep us from moving forward on important goals is the ever-insidious ***PeRfEcTiOnIsM***(cue ominous music).

The tough thing about letting this one go is that so much in our society encourages this attitude. School, jobs, etc., breed this idea into us that perfection is the goal and anything short of it simply won’t do. The problem with perfectionism is that, at least in the online and creative spaces, it keeps us from doing ANYTHING AT ALL. WHICH IS A GIANT PROBLEM (all caps necessary).

Perfectionism ain’t cute and she is definitely not your friend. She masquerades around whispering sweet nothings into your psyche about how everything you do needs to be perfect and amazing, and how everyone will love you (or not) based on your performance around x, y, and z. 

Well she’s totally full of shit – and she’s not going to help you get any closer to your goals my friend. The only real way to move forward with your business and creative ambitions is consistent and messy action. By getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable. And perfectionism hates that shit. Let her say what she needs to say, and then move forward anyway.

Take care of yourself and kick-ass!

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